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Who wants to play detective?

The Mystery Factory´s detective roles

Would you like to get the children away from the screen and instead interact and communicate with each other?

In the Mystery Factory´s concept of detective stories, children take on the role of detectives and solve exciting detective stories. You can say that the Mystery Factory´s detective mysteries are a form of simple role play for children. The children can create their own detective roles, but The Mystery Factory offers ten given detective roles to use. The detective roles have gender-neutral names so anyone can assume a detective character. The roles can be assigned before the mystery is to be solved and sent together with, for example, an invitation to a party or on another occasion when children are to meet. Thus, the detectives get some time to prepare for their role. The role description describes the personality of each detective and tips on how they can play their role. During the detective mystery, the detectives interact with each other. Each role description begins with: ”You are a master detective. When there is a crime in your town, you are immediately called in to solve the case. You outwardly show that you cooperate, but in your inner circle there is a lot of conflicts. You all want to be the best and be famous for to be the smartest detective.” A description then follows. A shorter description is presented here and in the film the detectives are also presented:

ROBIN RIGHT:Robin is the number one favourite of the Detective Journal. Robin wants to be seen and heard, and is always on the Detective Journal’s front cover. Robin is always ready with a dazzling smile for the camera. There is always a mirror in Robin’s pocket.

FREDDIE FEELING: Loved by everybody, Freddie is the number two favourite of the Detective Journal. On the outside, Freddie appears to be very competent, smart, and capable. Freddie is very loving and romantic, and embraces everything. Freddie’s musttake-with-me is a book of poetry. Freddie is always ready to read a romantic poem for anyone who wants to listen.

CODY CRIME: Cody is extremely boastful and is happy to take the credit when the team has solved a mystery. Cody owns lots of things and has lots of pictures of all of them to boast about and show others.

CHRIS CORRECTLY: Chris is proper and correct, and is always correcting the other detectives about pretty much everything. Chris likes to have law books close by in case there is the chance to correct somebody because they are doing something wrong.

ALEX ALGORITHM: Alex is a genius who solves everything using equations and codes. Alex doesn’t go anywhere without a pocket calculator and is always clicking away on it to figure out one or another equation.

CASEY COLLAR: Casey can skillfully read people’s behaviour and seems even able to read their thoughts. Casey loves animals and has a dog, which is always by Casey’s side. With the help of the dog, Casey solves mysteries and catches criminals. Casey claims to be able to speak to the dog.

MORGAN MIGHTY: Morgan is a superhero. Hard, tough, and strong, Morgan never gives up. Like a film star, Morgan strides through the town. Morgan is not shy about being a superhero and even dresses up as one.

RAE RUSTIC: Rae is the Master Detective: methodical and thorough. Not even a tiny fly gets by the magnifying glass that Rae uses to solve mysteries.

CHARLIE CHEWER: Charlie is clumsy and careless, and often appears muddled. Charlie lives an unhealthy lifestyle, never going anywhere without a supply of something salty or sweet. Nobody could guess that Charlie is one of the sharpest and smartest detectives ever.

FRANKIE FITNESS: Frankie is fitness mad and the healthiest detective of them all. Frankie uses a camera to document what is happening – and always takes along weights in case there is time for some exercise.